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The broad focus of the social category includes stratification within society, class, culture, mobility, religion, secularisation, law, and deviance. Additionally, the interplay between society's structure and individual agency is of interest.  As such, this category may extend into subjects, such as health, medical, military and penal institutions, the Internet, and the role of activity (or activism) or the role of society in the development of knowledge.

Antibiotiotics Becoming Ineffective

Tuesday, 14 April 2009 15:37 Written by
Antibiotiotics Becoming Ineffective

The growing ineffectiveness of a popular and widely requested antibiotic has Chattanooga doctors emphasizing the importance of responsible antibiotic use. Chattanooga physicians say between one-half and two-thirds of the most-common bacteria — streptococcus pneumoniae — is showing resistance to azithromycin, the generic name for the antibiotic Zithromax. The antibiotic often is dispensed in a packet called the “Z-pak.”

Bill Would Grant President Unprecedented Cyber-Security Powers

The Cybersecurity Act of 2009 introduced in the Senate would allow the President to shut down private Internet networks. The legislation also calls for the government to have the authority to demand security data from private networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule, or policy restricting such access.

FCC Terrorism

Sunday, 28 October 2007 12:32 Written by
FCC Terrorism

Dear Senator Cornyn and Senator Hutchison,

Free speech is the most basic element of democracy. Diversity of opinion is the crucible by which ideas are measured. A free press is one protected even when the speech is not agreeable. In the absence of diversity, bad ideas are never challenged. There is no democracy without free speech. 

I am horrified by the repeated attempts of the FCC to lift media ownership limits. It is happening again! The FCC has become an enemy of the people. Our own trustees have betrayed us. Consolidation of media resources dilutes opinion and shouts down diversity.

SRJ 29 - A hard look at a bad bill!

Monday, 01 October 2007 19:11 Written by
SRJ 29 - A hard look at a bad bill!

Proposition 9, S.R.J 29 is a bad bill and I'll tell you why. Below is the relevant section containing the proposed changes to the Texas State Constitution. I have copied it here; however, you are free to go to the source. Texas State Legislature 80R Bill Text S.R.J 29 or you can skip right to read more for the analysis.

Immigration Invasion

Monday, 01 October 2007 04:47 Written by

Even though I'm a fairly well-entrenched, left-wing liberal, I am so angry at current trends regarding immigration. As a professional strategist, I recognize the purpose that the immigration debate serves. Immigration is a wedge issue.  The issue is very polarizing within both conservative and liberal camps. It is not accidental that this issue is receiving so much attention. It is deliberate and purposeful.

Those that advance a position on the foundation of illegal immigration are advancing a cause that undermines national security and sovereignty.  I do not stand blindly with those that advance tollerant (flexible) immigration positions that are, on net, negative to the maturity of our society, culture, safety, security, and economic.

In the interest of American sovereignty and in the interests of our nation, I joyfully break from the left and abandon most social liberals that can not see the danger in this issue.

Special Needs Education

Wednesday, 14 September 2005 00:00 Written by
Special Needs Education

At a time when raising any child is challenging, educating a special needs child is particularly difficult. The federal government has passed laws governing education without thoughtfully funding the measures. As a consequence local school districts are breaking their backs and banks trying to satisfy these federal mandates.

Why is our federal government not fully funding their mandates?

Value in Treating Depression

Wednesday, 07 July 2004 11:54 Written by

NIH LogoWorkplace Depression Screening, Outreach and Enhanced Treatment Improves Productivity, Lowers Employer Costs

Enhanced and systematic efforts to identify and treat depression in the workplace significantly improves employee health and productivity, likely leading to lower costs overall for the employer, according to a study published September 26, 2007, in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health's National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

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Network neutrality is the principle that Internet users should be in control of what content they view and what applications they use on the Internet. The Internet has operated according to this neutrality principle since its earliest days. It is this neutrality that has allowed the internet to innovate and grow. Without equal access the internet dies.