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Dhp 01:05 - Quarrels Cease Through Right Thinking

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Dhp 01:05 - Quarrels Cease Through Right Thinking

The others know not
that in this quarrel we perish;
those of them who realize it,
have their quarrels calmed thereby. (6)


A trivial incident led to an unfortunate dispute amongst the bhikkhus of Kosambi. One group followed the master of Vinaya and the other followed the teacher of the Dhamma and they were often quarrelling among themselves.  They did not even listen to the Buddha’s advice, but the Buddha knew that eventually they would realise their mistake. So he left them and went to spend the vassa (the rainy season retreat) all alone in the forest, where an elephant and a monkey attended to him. **

The lay disciples of Kosambi, on learning the reason for the absence of the Buddha, refused to make offerings to the bhikkhus. This made the latter realise their folly and reconciliation took place. Still, the lay followers would not treat the monks as respectfully as they had done before, until they admitted that it was their fault that the Buddha had left the vicinity. They were told to ask the pardon of the Buddha. But the Buddha was away and it was in the middle of the vassa; so the bhikkhus of Kosambi spent the vassa in misery and hardship.

At the end of the vassa, Venerable Ananda and many other bhikkhus conveyed the message to the Buddha and implored him to return assuring him that they had realised the error of their ways. In due course, the Buddha returned to the Jetavana monastery in Savatthi. When the bhikkhus saw the Buddha, they paid their respects and admitted their faults. The Buddha then admonished them that life is impermanent and therefore, they must stop their quarrels and not act as if they would never die.

Teaching Focus: Most of us are not prepared to face the reality of impermanence and death. It is because we forget this fact that our lives are transitory, that we quarrel with each other, as if we are going to live for ever. But, if we face the fact of death, our quarrels will come to an end. We will then realize the folly of fighting when we ourselves are doomed to die. Excited by emotions our thoughts being clouded, we cannot see the truth about life. When we see the truth, however, our thoughts become free of emotions. (6)

Footnote:  ** There is an interesting account of how the monkey attended to the Buddha. When the monkey saw how the elephant was performing his duties to the Buddha, he also decided to perform some service for the Buddha. One day, as he was swinging from tree to tree, he happened to see some stick-honey free from flies. He broke the stick off, took the honeycomb, stick and all and placed the honey on a leaf and offered it to the Buddha. The Buddha accepted his offering.

The monkey watched to see whether the Buddha would eat the honey. He observed that the Buddha did not eat the honey. On investigation and turning the stick-honey over and over, the monkey discovered that there were some insect - eggs. Having removed the eggs gently, he again offered the honey to the Buddha. This time, the Buddha took the honey.

Verse Translation (best effort)
Tiến Việt Và người khác không biết, Chúng ta đây bị hại. Chỗ ấy, ai hiểu được Tranh luận được lắng êm. (6)
Le Français Les autres ne connaissent pas qu'ici nous périssons, ceux qui connaissent cela en ont leurs querelles apaisées. (6)
Deutsch Die anderen begreifen nicht : "Laßt uns den Tod hier immer sehn!" Doch denen, die begreifen dort, die Kämpfe werden endlich still. (6)
Español Muchos desconocen que al disputar, perecemos; pero aquellos que lo comprenden, refrenan por completo sus disputas. (6)
Pу́сский язы́к Ведь некоторые не знают, что нам суждено здесь погибнуть. У тех же, кто знает это, сразу прекращаются ссоры. (6)
Magyar Nyelv Nem fogja fel sok ember, hogy fékeznie kell önmagát; ám aki ezt felfogja, az megbékél, nem gyűlölködik. (6)
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