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Dhp 01:04 - Anger Is Conquered By Love

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Dhp 01:04 - Anger Is Conquered By Love

Hatreds never cease
through hatred in this world;

through love alone they cease.
This is an eternal law. (5)


Once there lived a householder, whose wife was barren. Being unable to bear a child and afraid that she would be mistreated by her husband and her mother-in-law, she herself selected and arranged for her husband to marry another woman. But on two occasions, as soon as she knew the second wife was pregnant, the barren wife gave her food mixed with drugs causing her to have miscarriages.

On her third pregnancy, the fruitful wife kept it to herself without informing the barren wife. But when the latter came to know about it, she again caused an abortion. Eventually the second wife died in childbirth. Before her death, the unfortunate woman was filled with hatred and vowed vengeance on the barren wife and her future offspring. Thus the feud started.  Among their later existences the two were reborn as a hen and a cat; a doe and a leopards; and finally as the daughter of a nobleman in Savatthi and an ogress. One day the demon (Kala Yakkhini) was in hot pursuit of the nobleman's daughter and her baby.

When the lady heard that the Buddha was giving a religious discourse at the Jetavana monastery, she fled to him and placed her son at his feet for protection. The demon was thus prevented from entering the monastery. She was later called in and the Buddha admonished both the lady and the ogress. The Buddha told them about their past feud as rival wives and how they had been harbouring hatred towards each other and killing each other's offspring through their various lives. They were made to see that hatred could only cause more hatred, and that it could only cease through friendship, understanding and goodwill. Both realised their mistakes, and on the admonition of the Buddha, made their peace with each other.

The Buddha then requested the woman to hand over her son to the ogress.  Fearing for the safety of her son, she hesitated, but because of her devotion and confidence in the Enlightened One that she handed over her son as directed.  The ogress warmly received the child. After kissing and caressing the child tenderly like her very own son, the ogress handed over the child back to his mother. As a result of this episode, there was much goodwill on both sides.

Teaching Focus: Those who attempt to conquer hatred by hatred are like warriors who take weapons to overcome others who bear arms. This does not end hatred, but gives it room to grow. But, ancient wisdom has advocated a different timeless strategy to overcome hatred. This eternal wisdom is to meet hatred with non-hatred. The method is of overcoming hatred through non-hatred is eternally effective. That is why that method is described as eternal wisdom. (5)

Verse Translation (best effort)
Tiến Việt Với hận diệt hận thù, Ðời này không có được. Không hận diệt hận thù, Là định luật ngàn thu. (5)
Le Français Jamais la haine n'éteint les haines en ce monde. Par l'amour seul les haines sont éteintes. C'est une ancienne loi. (5)
Deutsch Nicht kommt durch Haß das Hassen je zur Ruhe hier in dieser Welt, durch Nichthaß wird das Hassen still, das ist ein ewiges Gesetz. (5)
Español El odio nunca se extingue por el odio en este mundo; solamente se apaga a traves del amor. Tal es una antigua ley eterna. (5)
Pу́сский язы́к Ибо никогда в этом мире ненависть не прекращается ненавистью, но отсутствием ненависти прекращается она. Вот извечная дхамма. (5)
Magyar Nyelv Mert gyűlöletet sohasem szüntet meg másik gyűlölet. Örök törvény: ha nem gyűlölsz, úgy szűnik meg a gyűlölet. (5)
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