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Dhp 01:01 - Evil Begets Evil

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Dhp 01:01 - Evil Begets Evil

Mind is the forerunner of (all evil) states.
Mind is chief, mind-made are they.
If one speaks or acts with wicked mind,
because of that, suffering follows one,
even as the wheel follows the hoof of the draught-ox. (1)

Verse Translation (best effort)
Tiến Việt Ý dẫn đầu các pháp, Ý làm chủ, ý tạo; Nếu với ý ô nhiễm, Nói lên hay hành động, Khổ não bước theo sau, Như xe, chân vật kéo. (1)
Le Français Le mental est l'avant coureur des conditions, le mental en est le chef, et les conditions sont façonnées par le mental. Si avec un mental impur, quelqu'un parle ou agit, alors la douleur le suit comme la roue suit le sabot du bœuf. (1)
Deutsch Der Geist den Dingen geht voran, die Geist geprägt, die Geist gemacht. Wer da mit boshaft wirrem Geist zu andern spricht und Werke tut, so folgt von da das Leid ihm nach, gleichwie ein Rad die Spur eingräbt. (1)
Español Todos los estados encuentran su origen en la mente. La mente es su fundamento y son creaciones de la mente. Si uno habla o actúa con un pensamiento impuro, entonces el sufrimiento le sigue de la misma manera que la rueda sigue la pezuña del buey... (1)
Pу́сский язы́к Дхаммы обусловлены разумом, их лучшая часть – разум, из разума они сотворены. Если кто-нибудь говорит или делает с нечистым разумом, то за ним следует несчастье, как колесо за следом везущего. (1)
Magyar Nyelv A szándék minden dolognak az indítéka, lényege. Azt, aki gonosz szándékkal teszi tettét, szólja szavát, nyomon követi szenvedés, mint igavonót a kerék. (1)

One day, Venerable Cakkhupala who was blind came to pay homage to the Buddha at the Jetavana monastery. While he was pacing up and down in meditation , he accidentally stepped on some insects. In the morning, some bhikkhus visiting him and found the dead insects. They thought ill of him and reported the matter to the Buddha. When questioned by the Buddha whether they had seen Cakkhupala killing the insects, they answered in the negative. The Buddha then admonished them, "Just as you had not seen him killing, so also had he not seen those living insects.  Besides, being an Arahant he had no intention of killing, and was not guilty of committing an unwholesome act."  On being asked why Cakkhupala was blind, the Buddha revealed the following story to explain the nature of kammic effects.

Cakkhupala had been a physician in one of his past existences. Once, he had deliberately made a woman patient blind.  That woman has promised to become his servant together with her children if her eyes were completely cured. Fearing that she and her children would have to become servants, she lied to the physician. She told him that her eyes were getting worse when, in fact, they were perfectly cured. The Physician knew she was deceiving him, so in revenge, he gave her another ointment which made her totally blind. As a result of this evil deed the physician lost his eyesight many times in his later existences.

The Buddha then commented that an evil deed committed will follow the evildoer just like a wheel follows the hoof of the ox that bears the yoke.

Teaching Focus: All that we experience begins with thought. Our words and deeds spring from thought. If we speak or act with evil thoughts, unpleasant circumstances and experiences inevitably result. Wherever we go, we create bad circumstances because we carry bad thoughts. This is very much like the wheel of a cart following the hoofs of the ox yoked to the cart. The cart-wheel, along with the heavy load of the cart, keeps following the draught oxen. The animal is bound to this heavy load and cannot leave it. (1)

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My pedigree and bona fides are published elsewhere. That said, I respect that a few may wish to learn more about the private person behind the writing.  While I accept I am exceptionally introverted (tending toward the misanthropic), I do enjoy socializing and sharing time with like-minded individuals. I have a zeal for integrity, ethics, and the economics of both interpersonal and organizational behavior.

The product of multi-generational paternal dysfunction, I practice healthy recovery (sobriety date December 11, 2001).  I am endogamous in my close personal relationships and belong to a variety of tribes that shape my worldview (in no particular order):

☯ I participate in and enjoy most geek culture. ☯ I am a practicing Buddhist and a legally ordained minister. I like to believe that people of other spiritual/faith systems find me approachable.  I am a member of the GLBTQA community -- I married my long-time partner in a ceremony officiated by Jeralita "Jeri" Costa of Joyful Joinings on November 18, 2013, certificated in King County, Seattle WA. We celebrate an anniversary date of February 2, 2002.  I am a service-connected, disabled, American veteran (USAF).  I am a University of Houston alumnus (BBA/MIS) and currently studying as a post baccalaureate for an additional degree in Philosophy and Law, Values, & Policy.  I am a retired Bishop in the Church of Commerce and Capitalism; the story arch of my prosecuting and proselytizing the technological proletariat is now behind me.  I am a native Houstonian (and obviously Texan).  At 50 years old, I am a "child of the sixties" and consider the 80's to be my formative years.

As I still struggle with humility, I strive to make willingness, honesty, and open mindedness cornerstones in all my affairs. Fourteen years of sobriety has taught me that none of "this" means a thing if I'm unwilling, dishonest, or close minded.  Therefore I work hard on the things I believe in --

  • I believe we can always achieve more if we collaborate and compromise.
  • I believe that liberal(ism) is a good word/concept and something to be proud to support.  The modern, systematic corruption of liberal ideas is a living human tragedy.
  • I believe in a worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality. The pragmatism of this site and my journey is rooted in both classical and social liberalism.
  • I believe in democratic elections and institutions including a media free of commercial and governmental bias.  Liberty and equality perish when a society becomes uneducated and/or ill-informed.
  • I believe in diversity of life and ideas.  Life and ideas can only flourish when the gene pool is vast and abundantly differentiated.
  • I believe in advancing balance in civil, social, and privacy rights such that all of humanity is continuously uplifted.
  • I believe in separation of church (spirituality) and state (governance) -- with neither in supremacy nor subjugation.
  • I believe in private (real or tangible) property explicitly excluding ideas, knowledge, and methods; such non-tangibles, by natural law, being free for all humanity and emancipated at conception.

While change and the uncertainty of the future may be uncomfortable, I do not fear the unknown; therefore:

    • I believe I must be willing to make difficult choices, that those choices may not be all that I desire, and that such may result in undesirable (or unintended) consequences;
    • I believe we must be willing to make mistakes or be wrong; and I am willing to change my mind if necessary.
I undertake to abide the five precepts of Buddhism; therefore:
  1. I believe it is wrong to kill or to knowingly allow others to kill.
  2. I believe it is wrong to steal or to knowingly allow others to steal.
  3. I believe in abstention from sexual misconduct.
  4. I believe it is wrong to lie or to knowingly allow others to lie.
  5. I believe in abstention from non-medicinal intoxicants as such clouds the mind.

Suicide, major depression, borderline personality, and alcoholism are feral monsters ever howling at my doorstep. However, despite my turbulent and tragic past, rare is the day where I have to rationalize, defend, or justify the actions of that person I see looking back at me in the mirror...

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