Journey Sans Judgment

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Around the age of six/seven, my parents decided they could not remain married and began divorce proceedings. During this time I was relatively sheltered from the chaos by my paternal grandparents, Barbara and Roy Livesay. I spent several truly wonderful summers in the Arizona White Mountains playing with my close friend Barney (who would later die in Desert Storm), fishing, climbing trees, and roughing around. During these summers,Youthful Rich I grew very close to my grandparents and look back with only the fondest memories.

My childhood was not a complete disaster, however; I became very involved in band, theater, and made some fine friends. Ironically, while many of my friends could have been characterized as "alternative" or "strange," the crowd I ran with was relatively clean as far a drugs and crime were concerned. I was a good kid with the traditional growing-up issues.

I can honestly say that I will NEVER have children, because I know...I know I inherited too much selfishness to be a good parent. I think I'd rather have a brain aneurysm or maybe a 45 slug in the head before I ever considered such...although I do make a good uncle because I can spoil them rotten and send them home.

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