Journey Sans Judgment

bioinformatics - birth

I incarnated on February 12, 1966 at 11:07am in Houston, Texas at St. Joseph's Hospital to Donald and Carolyn Wermske. I was a good baby other than being a tad sickly, but at the age of 18 months, I had my tonsils removed and quickly became a healthy and happier child. I soon began to display mechanical curiosity and before age three I had removed all the door knobs in the house and dis/reassembled most of my toys.

I attended Sutton Elementary and my best friend through early elementary school was Rene Rodrigez (a now Baby Richlong lost friend). Like many boys, I had a "girl-next-door" that had a severe crush on me, but of course, she was a girl and everyone knows girls are a handicap to have around when you are trying to play "CHiPs" (our version of cop's and robber's).

Sonny and Cher were groovy. However, I did get a chance to see Elvis (before he died), live in concert, but secretly I would have preferred to have gone the night earlier to the Sonny and Cher concert. Of course, I remember Tom Jones, The Carpenters, Simon and Garfunkle, and Laff In (heh....the Smother's Brothers at their peak!). I sang along with the lyrics and I hummed the tunes, but looking back, I was clueless to the meaning of the words I sang.

It truly was a time of innocence. I was an only child of the sixties-- fascinated by tie-die, psychedelic art, and bean bags. But all was not well with America. The Hippies had a message..."I love my country, but I fear my government." In school, we were doing "fall-out" drills (as if "Stop-Drop- Cover" would actually protect you!!! HA!) I remember the Vietnam War. I remember the daily death counts on the nightly news "at that's the news." I remember the blood on television and that was the blood of my family and neighbors.

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