Journey Sans Judgment

bioinformatics - beginnings

My given name is Richard Alan Wermske. On the net, you may encounter me as Zortek, but I answer to a variety of handles or call-signs depending on where you may find me at play, lurking, or working.

My Alma Mater is the University of Houston. I graduated from the College of Business with B.B.A. in Management Information Systems and European Studies (International Diversity). I maintain a deep respect and appreciation for the mentorship and coaching opportunities that present themselves in my life.

I am 46 years old and I am the pet for three cats and a two dogs. I firmly believe that every life should strive for nine cats.

I am a strong advocate for animal rescue and adoptions. If it didn't break my heart, I would probably volunteer in the shelters. But history has proven that each time I step into a shelter, I leave with a new family member.

I am in a wonderful relationship and we just celebrated our tenth (10) year year anniversary. Destiny introduced me to my other-half and our partnership continues to surpass my expectations.

I love to cook...but find that eating out leaves a cleaner kitchen and fewer dirty dishes.  I am a strict reversal "Ornish" vegan and have been eating a fat free diet for almost a year now! 

I enjoy puzzling my mind with games that stretch the imagination. I work hard, play harder and detest the mundane... but work stays at the workplace and play stays at the play place.


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